Hi I'm Mar Michelle...

Born to a Singaporean-Chinese mother and German

Father - I have been lucky enough to have lived and

travelled across the world. From the time I was a small

child, I was a high achiever. As a rookie, I became the

most successful trader on the trading floor, at a tier 1

investment bank for 2 years in a row. During that time, I

massively outperformed targets and made over

$100million for the bank in 2 years.

Despite this material “success,” I felt a deep

misalignment with my values. I began to question my life.

I was making money during the financial crisis of 2007-

2011 with the knowledge that the crash was costing many

people their lives and livelihoods. I could not help but

begin to question our financial system and our

relationship to money!

This experience drove me to leave the trading floor in

search of a deeper meaning to life! I travelled the world

on a quest to connect the inner with the outer. I lived in

ashrams, worked with spiritual communities and

completed a Master’s Degree at Schumacher College in

Economics for Transition.

Years of inner work and the birth of my son brought me

to realise just how much this work is needed for the

women specifically. The feminine needs to rise to bring

the world back into balance with itself. It is my passion

and mission to help women live their purpose and make


It may sound lofty, but I am driven to change the world. I

am working to shift this disequilibrium we are currently

living in. I want to restore harmony in our systems. This

change starts with us. The whole world will change when

women are empowered.

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You are unique, if you are not sharing your gifts

the world is missing out. There is someone out

there looking for what you have to offer.

Mar Michelle Häusler

Connect to purpose

Mar Michelle Häusler is the founder of the

Aligned Money methodology and the creator of

the Inkiri social currency. After 5 years as a

London Financial Trader Mar felt the need to

bring about a new way for people to relate to

money, purpose and wellbeing.

empower & transform

The Me, Myself & Money workshop and Aligned Money methodology that has reached thousands of people since 2016. After the birth

of he son, Mar has focused her work on empowering women to align purpose and prosperity through the Power, Purpose & Prosperity

Women’s Group Coaching program to transform their relationship to self-worth and money.

Follow My Journey

1997 - 2003
Schooling in Singapore at United World College


Born in Singapore to a German father and Chinese Singaporean mother, I grew up bridging East and West. Being a Eurasian mix
gave me a global view on life and the world from the time I was born. I had the opportunity to attend United World College
(UWC) these schools have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This phenomenal school opened my world view even wider
by putting me in touch with peers from 54 different nations. With a focus on global concerns, from a young age I was involved in
volunteer-based work. I always wanted to position my life in service of something greater than myself– I strive to have a positive
impact on the lives of others.


London Financials Trader
A quote my father told me that stuck with me and drove my early career, “If you cannot help yourself then you cannot help
anyone else”. With a desire to go into social work from a young age, money represented freedom to me and the ability to do
whatever I wanted - to impact the world and lives positively. This drove me to the “highest paying position” that I knew of– a
financial trader. I studied in the UK, and landed myself a high-paying internship and a job in one of the most prestigious
investment banks in London.



London Financials Trader
This launched my career in the financial crisis of 2007. During the time when AIG and Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, I took over
trading books trading banks and insurance companies. I made markets on the most financially distressed assets of banks in
Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Despite the challenging circumstances, I became one of the highest earners for 2 years running. I
was one of the only female traders in a pool of hundreds of men on the trading floor. I closed over 100 million in profits for the
bank over 2 years. I was outperforming my targets and was sought after by several other banks. A realisation hit me. Despite the
financial success, I was deeply unhappy inside. This work and my lifestyle felt entirely misaligned with my values.


Travels India & Brazil


Having left my financial career, I began travelling in search for the meaning of life. I crossed the world living in communities and
ashrams, attending many silent meditation retreats and being part of a spiritual community. I tried to bring an understanding to my
previous life experience and reconcile it with what money really means - how we can live in a bubble where the financial system is
completely disconnected from the reality of the lives it affects? I spent many years with a spiritual teacher and entered deep self
exploration practices including meditation, self-knowledge, eastern rituals, psychotherapy and work with plant medicines. This
period was a very introspective time of my life, uncovering old wounds, deep ancestral patterns and breaking out of karmic cycles.





2015 - 2016
Masters Schumacher College


During my years of exploration, I stumbled across a course at Schumacher College that brought this incredible place onto my
radar. I received a partial scholarship to attend the Masters in Economics for Transition. The program completely shifted my world
view! My time living in community, learning in nature broke down my paradigms and also allowed me to bridge my life as a financial
trader with years on the spiritual path.


2015 - 2016
Masters Schumacher College
For my thesis I lived with the largest intentional community in Brazil and developed their own community currency called Inkiri. This
process allowed me to implement the teaching from my masters in real life, and through the process I realised it was not about the
notes, coins and “money” on the outside but rather out relationship to it that determined our connection to money. The Me, Myself
& Money workshop to explore your personal and emotional relationship to money was born through my thesis writing process where
I facilitated over 300 people in the process.


2015 - 2020
Launching Workshops - Talks around the world


The seed from my thesis drove me to facilitate these workshops and retreats across the world including South America, The United
States, Europe and Asia. I worked with over a thousand people from different backgrounds and walks of life to explore their
relationships to money by breaking patterns and getting to know deeper cultural patterns and beliefs. I travelled extensively
offering workshops and talks to shift relationships with money– which allowed people to align with their true calling in life.
To touch more lives I turned the Me, Myself & Money workshop into a 10 session online course that can be done in your own time
from the comfort of your home.


2018 - 2022
Portugal (Women’s Circles) & Motherhood


In 2018, I settled down in Portugal with my partner. I fundraised to launch an educational project for young people aged 11 to 18 yrs
old to learn about money, sustainability and other important topics that are not currently covered in the school system’s curriculum.
In conjunction to running a startup, I also launched Women’s Circles in Lisbon and continued to coach and facilitate workshops.


2018 - 2022
Portugal (Women’s Circles) & Motherhood


The home birth of my son was a life changing experience that broke me open completely. It brought me to a deeply vulnerable
space and connected me to my inner power as a woman. It allowed me to deeply re-connect to my feminine essence, and showed
me the importance of empowering women and bringing the feminine back into balance in our world. I decided to focus my work
on women, and to birth a group coaching programme that allowed the integration of my Workshops, Coaching and Women’s
Circles. This gave birth to the “Power, Purpose and Prosperity” Women’s Group Coaching Programme that is now available to you
with an incredibly powerful community of women!


Mar Michelle Hausler © 2022

Let’s life each other up, and make

money from what we love to do!

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Let’s life each other up, and make

money from what we love to do!

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