Events & Circles

In-person circles are hosted in Lisbon for women to gather and connect to a

physical community. Join us to get to know me and connect in this special



Not in Portugal? No problem! Feel free to check out the seasonal circles

offered online – they are an opportunity to come together virtually during

each solstice and equinox.


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Women’s Circle in Lisbon – Pregnancy Loss

7th November 2022, 7:30pm – 9:30pm GMT (Live)


Gathering in Circles is one of the oldest forms of women

coming together. Since 2018, I have been hosting regular

monthly circles at our home in Lisbon. I also host circles online

for women to come together and feel held in a safe space.


These lead to the creation of womb bowls, ceramic centrepieces

for the circles and flower arrangements which I lovingly design

myself as part of my spiritual expression. You are invited!