power, purpose & prosperity

This Women’s Group Coaching Program brings women from around the

world together in a supportive community unlike any other. You have a

dream to step into your power, share your purpose and make money from


We have the support, tools and community to help you make this a reality!

Join an empowered community of women today and start making money

from what you love to do.


P.S. you may never feel like you have to work

another day in your life!

Are you ready to....

Drop your money blocks and patterns & release the belief that you cannot make money from doing something you love?


– Stop hiding behind your own fears that keep you stuck in your shell and stops you from shining your light?


– Let go of the being trapped in the ‘shoulds’ of life & shed the narrative that you do not have the skills to launch your purpose project?

If so, let’s connect! This programme is for women who are ready to step out of the shadows and launch their passion projects – while making money doing what they love to do!

12 Week Coaching Programme where we work on specific topics to connect you to your inner power, align with your

purpose and open you to true prosperity! Deep explorations into the work will help you emerge with a clear action plan

to implement your purpose project. Start sharing your gifts with the world!


Original content is shared through handouts and videos which are supported by weekly live coaching calls with Mar and

an incredible international community of women. Live coaching calls are held live weekly for the 12 week program. You

also receive ongoing access to the content beyond our 3 months together!

Women who are ready to step out of the shadows, share their gifts with the world, and make money from what they love

to do! This programme takes a willingness to commit in order to get results. It is designed for women who are ready for

self-transformation and want to take their lives into their own hands to launch their passion projects and become

financially free by doing what they love to do!


This experience is shared with a curated community of powerful, like-minded women who raise each other up and

support each other on their journey.

Have you moved away from having a ‘9 to 5’ job just to make money?


Are you bored of having a “hobby” and not making money from it?


Is this your time to break out of old patterns and change your mindset so you can finally make the money you deserve?


If this resonates, then you have found your tribe! Chat with me to find out more!

Yes! The Power, Purpose & Prosperity programme will support you at whatever level you are at– whether you have an idea, have started a project or already have a full-blown business. We are here to support you to opening up to more abundance and bringing you to the next level.

Check out our payment plan, which allows you to pay for the course in instalments. This course will support you towards shifting your money blocks and bringing in greater abundance and success in all areas of your life. (P.S. many women on the payment plan are able to pay their tuition in full before the expected due date!)

The coaching itself is comprised of 12 modules that you will have continuous access to after the coaching portion is wrapped up. Once the group coaching portion is complete, you are free to go back and go deeper with with the exercises as they become relevant to your journey. In this way, the program can be completed over a year – or even longer. On top of this, you will have access to special bonuses– including a lifelong community of support!

During the coaching portion of the program, there is a two hour call every week that is strategically positioned to cover all timezones from Asia to Europe to the US and South America.
These calls are designed to create excitement and foster connection. In this virtual space, we work through all the emotions that emerge in the process to ensure that you feel both secure and motivated. The community itself is like a huge support bubble – you get accountability, cheerleading– and more– with a wonderful, uplifting group of supportive women! Ideally, everyone in the program shows up for each of the 12 coaching sessions.

Accountability is built into our weekly sessions and community mentors are available to support you!
There are regular emails and accountability posts in the Facebook group to help keep you moving forward.

Don’t worry! English it not the first language for many women in the community! We have members from all around the world who are open and supportive– you even might find someone who shares the same mother tongue to connect with.

Yes, this is possible. The power of the group coaching program is rooted in the group setting itself. That said, on occasions where people do not fit into this program (yet) or have specific topics to address, we can work to find a more tailored personal program. Get in touch to find out more!

Women's Group Coaching Programme